Designed and Crafted in the

Designed and Crafted in the UNITED KINGDOM
When the initial inspiration behind RedMeg was developed one element significantly stood out brighter than the rest and this was that no matter what, it had be 100% manufactured within the UK. This is something which Meg is extremely passionate and uncompromising about.


Meg usually begins the designing process within her gorgeous surroundings in the Cotswolds inspired by all the weird and wonderful things she finds on her travels and sometimes just in the simple delights of everyday life. When the designs have been nurtured and sketchbooks filled to bursting she travels to London to work alongside a great studio that helps in making each design into a reality. However this certainly isn’t where Meg just takes a back seat. Her dedication is from start to finish. Meg has designed, pattern cut, fabric sourced and hunted for every zip, popper and stud that you see used in our beautiful items. She will then hand cut every piece of the leather work and lining before heat stamping all the logo’s and details ready for it to be sewn together. That is where the studio in London comes into play, with Meg eagerly watching over them they help to construct every bag right here in the UK.


Alongside this dedication to produce in the UK, we are always on the lookout for UK producers. The beautiful Tweed linings from the debut RedMeg collection are produced in Scotland providing a charming heritage feel to the interior of every piece. All of our stunning brass studs used on the bottom of RedMeg handbags are created in a Foundry based in England. Meg purchases all of our materials from UK suppliers but we are very aware that this doesn’t always mean that it is truly a product of the UK. Our aim is eventually to be not only 100% designed and manufactured in the UK but to also be crafted from resources only made by UK producers.


RedMeg is always striving to support UK industries no matter how large or small to provide another puzzle piece on our journey to craft beautiful, honest products that are created to be loved and kept for years to come. Manufacturing our pieces only in the UK is a tremendously important part of Meg’s work and something you can be sure of no matter what item you purchase from RedMeg.


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