Born in the beautiful Cotswolds, Meg’s creative energy has been apparent from an early age and has grown throughout her early adult life. Following her textile interests she went on to study Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent university which just further confirmed her aspiration to craft a career with something hands on and creative. Meg continued working for a local handbag and jewellery retailer after graduating but knew she wanted to be more involved. In 2013, the business expanded and La Bulle in Broadway was opened offering an array of gorgeous, mainly Italian leather handbags and accessories. It was in amongst the chit chat of ladies in search of their new favourite bag that Meg started to notice a few fundamentals that got her thinking. Inspired by the need for function combined into fashion, Meg soon had a sketchbook brimming with ideas that she wanted to set to work on straight away. One thing soon became clear, function didn’t have to become fussy and this resonates through all RedMeg designs. There is a clean form to each item that effortlessly fits into busy working life.
You wear the bag, the bag doesn’t wear you. Meg follows each design meticulously from its initial seedling idea through to the final crafted piece. It was this crucial element that drove Meg to only manufacture within the UK and a core element of RedMeg that she strongly believes in.


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