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Good afternoon lovelies!

Well what a mix of April showers and glorious sunshine we have been having here in the Cotswolds! It makes it so difficult to figure out what to wear in the morning ( i am always that person that has fifty thousand layers on and by the afternoon none of them were entirely necessary!) Anyway this weeks blog is all about the one thing that isn't dictated by the weather.. Jewellery! It is such a nice way to accessorise come rain or shine and you don't end up having to take it off half way through the day if the weather heats up! So here is a quick preview of our shoot this week and some of the jewellery that is finally making it's way online. It's taken long enough (hides face in shame...!) 

RedMeg jewellery

jewellery photoshoot redmeg leather choker behind the scenes

So we began shooting our choker necklaces this week , after a very decisive Instagram poll we started with the suede metallic chokers and the silver chokers as decided by our wonderful followers along with our white range in anticipation of this sunshine prevailing! We had the pleasure of using the gorgeous Josie to model and all our photo's are shot by the brilliant Ian at iTonks photography.

Wide or thin band choker...

redmeg leather jewellery hand made in the uk model photoshoot

Both our chokers and bracelets come in a thin and wide band depending on your personal style. Thin is a lovely way to add a subtle pop of colour or sparkle and the wide band is great for making more of a statement. Above Josie is wearing our thick band suede sparkle choker and below she is wearing our thin band silver choker.

redmeg leather jewwllery hand crafted in the uk model photoshoot

Coming soon...

These will all be available online shortly with bracelets following in hot pursuit. As a lot of you will know, our leather jewellery range was created out of my desire to not waste our left over leather. I developed our tassel key rings for the same reason but i was still left over with strips too thin to use for the actual tassels and after wrapping a piece around my wrist trying to find a way to utilise all the little offcuts, the idea to create jewellery was born! They are finished with silver plated fastenings and each have an extension chain so each piece fits most sizes. Each item comes with a lovely little gift pouch so not only do they make the perfect treat for yourself but a lovely gift for a friend too!

Have a wonderful weekend folks and fingers crossed for more sunshine!

Meg x


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