New year, New look!

Hello lovely people, it has been a while...

I started the new year by getting to work on the new look RedMeg website and I am delighted to officially have our new site finally live after weeks of staring at a computer screen! It was certainly time for a refresh.

As many of you already know RedMeg launched a little over 3 years ago and I didn't even have a website when I started! Most people thought I was totally crazy, but in amongst the final push to get products onto shelves it just took a back seat....that and working a full time job all the way through almost the first two years of trading I just couldn't do everything! The craft and the product were what mattered most to me and the rest just had to wait. Once the initial madness of launching had settled and with a lot of help from some marketing pros we finally got the website up and running! It worked great, you all loved it and it showcased everything I wanted at the time just perfectly but as with most things in life you outgrow them!

So what's changed...

I have launched so many new products, ranges and leathers since RedMeg began that I sat back one day and thought to myself I just simply can't keep adding to a never ending catalogue! I have learnt a lot over the past few years of running a small business. One of those lessons was how important it is understand what is and isn't working. Something that may have been really successful at the start may no longer even be relevant . I have learnt not be scared of changing it up and being a little more realistic with my product ranges to ensure I am only ever offering the very best of what RedMeg is and more importantly what you lovely lot enjoy shopping the most! 

So you will no doubt notice a lot has changed on the new website. There will be a lot of old products no longer available online and a far more reduced range available to shop. We have really stripped back to the core ranges! That being said, out with the old also means in with the new! I have lots of new goodies in the pipeline which will be much easier to shop on the new site and I am so excited to share them with you all. The beauty of all RedMeg item's being crafted by a very small team from scratch right here in the UK means that everything is still made to order and if there is something you loved that is no longer available to shop online we will still happily custom craft it for you! Just drop us an email to and I am sure we can help. Or use our new 'create your own' section on the website which you can find on the homepage > SHOP > CREATE YOUR OWN ( I could talk about this exciting new collection for hours so I shall save it for the next blog post!)

Price changes...eek!

Some other big changes we have made have been a little out of our control. I don't want to simply ignore the fact that we have had to make a few pricing changes as I want to be as transparent and honest as possible. I have put it off for some time, but almost all of our suppliers over the past year have had to increase their prices and naturally in turn that filters down to us. I resisted changing any prices for ages but that simply is not conducive to the survival of a small business and it took a while to accept  that I had to be a little more ( here comes that word again!) realistic for me to be able to continue running RedMeg without compromising on the quality of products that I wanted to create. So I bit the bullet and here we are. Some item's haven't increased at all, some a little and some by a little more than I wanted. Just please know that they haven't gone up for any other reason than to allow RedMeg to continue to grow and to more importantly continue producing quality leather products that have only ever been crafted on UK soil.

I will round up this veryyyy long blog post by saying that with all the changes that needed to be made there has been a lot that has stayed exactly the same! RedMeg is still based in our lovely little studio in the Cotswolds where all the initial stages of designing , development and production still happens. I still work face to face with the same great machinist in London to finish all of your lovely orders and we still produce entirely in the UK, always have done and always will do! 

Thank you!

RedMeg has grown so much in the past few years and it goes without saying that it is hugely down to all the support our amazing customers give us! From every single order, to every super kind email I receive and for every customer new and old I just couldn't be more grateful. 

There's lots more changes on the horizon, but all the most wonderful and exciting ones which I can't wait to write into another long winded and rambling blog post to you all!! I'd love to hear what you think of the new site and if there are any glitches ( no doubt there will be!) then please drop me a message!

Meg  x

P.S If you read to the bottom you deserve a medal!


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