Spring - the season for all things new!

Happy Friday wonderful people!

How are we all? This week has been a little calmer and more organised than the last but we still have a lot going on! So before we move onto a little snippet of our first Spring release I just wanted to quickly update you all on what is happening in the world of RedMeg. As promised in our first blog of 2018 there are lots of big changes on the Horizon! So we have been busy sourcing more machinery and equipment to be able to produce more directly from our little Burford studio. This involves a lot of planning, moving around of the studio , research and of course money! So we have been a little quiet on social media because well... there isn't anything exciting to show you until it all starts coming together!

redmeg studio buford the cotswolds handbag made in the uk

Exciting changes...

We have  just started interviewing for a machinist/technician to help us produce right here in the Cotswolds which is super exciting and feels like a big step forward for our manufacture which in turn will open up a lot of opportunity and increase where we can stock our products (YAY!) Unfortunately due to all this behind the scenes work we have had to temporarily stop any made to order / website requests as we are in such a muddle moving the studio around and getting machinery. I felt like i needed to give myself a few weeks not juggling orders on top of it all. I am so sorry if you wanted to order something , it's the nature of being a small business run almost entirely just by me! We still have lots of lovely stock in our Burford and Broadway stockists so you can still shop in store and do of course drop us an email if you want anything posting as we will happily ship anything (with free UK delivery) that is available in stores but bare in mind that we have limited stock! Our website is still live so you can browse everything and we will be adding our new Spring goodies soon for you all to see, you just won't be able to order directly online at the moment. We will of course let you know when our shopping cart is active again! 

NEW IN....

Although we have had to pause producing new orders we were busy last month finishing our first Spring release for 2018. I am delighted to introduce to you our beautiful Lilac addition to our moto leather range along with our gorgeous bright blue Harris tweed ( check out last weeks blog post for more info on our Harris tweed linings!) The perfect addition to your new season wardrobe. I felt that we lacked the more pastel leather colours amongst our ranges so I have sourced some gorgeous lightweight leathers to add to our range this spring/summer including this beautiful Lilac! I hope you love it as much as I do!

redmeg leather handbags spring summer new in lilac leather made in the ukShop in store...

Our first launch of lilac goodies will be available in our Broadway and Burford stockist 'La Bulle' next week but we will keep you posted when they are in store and ready to shop. To find out more about our stockists and where to find them check out our previous blog HERE

lilac leather make up bag made in the cotswolds redmeg

That's all for this week folks. Here's hoping for a great weekend for you all... there is snow forecast here in the Cotswolds but I am just going to ignore it and continue dreaming of sunnier days ahead!!

Meg x



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