How to care for your leather handbag and other leather goods.

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I hope you have had a brilliant week. You will be pleased to know that this weeks blog is just one post not the mammoth three part series that last week turned into!!! Eeek! Anyway I thought I would share our top tips on keeping your leather goods in great condition and therefore lasting for many years to come. I get a lot of questions about this topic so hopefully this will prove useful whether you apply it to one of our products or other leather goods you own.

Some basic tips to follow...


I can't stress this enough! We condition all our leather products before they get packaged up and sent out for delivery or into stores. We do this to help replace any natural moisture lost in the hide whilst being handled during the manufacture process but also to provide future protection against, bumps, scratches, rain damage etc. It not only makes the leather rich and glossy but also means that it will help reduce the effect of any wear and tear throughout the life of your item. We recommend conditioning any RedMeg product at the very least once a year  and this is a complimentary service we offer on all our items. Just drop them into your closest stockist (no notice needed) or arrange delivery to our studio by contacting If conditioning at home always ensure you know what leather your handbag is made out of so you can use the correct conditioner. We recommend using  Collonil leather gel as a general all round conditioner and Collonil waterproofing agent on RedMeg products but please contact us before using anything on your bag to avoid any disasters!



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The most common emails I get from customers is to do with water damage. A running theme at the moment seems to be leaking water bottles! Our Sweet Pea handbag has really handy side pockets that fit a water bottle perfectly so it keeps your bottle upright and avoids your bottle getting chucked into the bottom of your bag and leaking. However avoiding getting any water on your handbag is difficult especially in British weather! If you regularly condition and waterproof your RedMeg then you are absolutely fine to get caught in the odd rain shower! However, please do avoid getting it totally drenched or sitting it on wet ground. If your bag does become damp pop it somewhere where it can slowly dry and most importantly let it dry naturally. Do not use excessive heat as this will damage the leather even more. I hang mine off the back of the dining room chair so the room temperature air can circulate around it. If your bag is really damp take out all your belongings and stuff it with paper towels for a few hours to keep its shape whilst initially drying ( don't use anything printed like newspaper!) If there is a lot of surface water visible then promptly soak these up with a clean dry paper towel too. Once fully dry, a good condition can work wonders to bring the leather back to life and reduce the visibility of any water damage. If you have waterproofed your leather regularly then you should escape any major water marks or lasting stains. 


A lot of leather damage I see is actually caused by a long term build up of dirt and water marks over time. If you notice muddy marks or scuffs then give it quick wipe straight away as over time these mucky marks will dry further into the leather and cause lasting damage. Do not use any chemicals or household cleaners, I use just a dab of my leather conditioner for a quick wipe down with a clean cloth which usually takes 30 seconds and makes all the difference. Don't leave your bag untouched for three years and then expect one condition to get rid of it all! A little care on a  regular basis is the best way to keep your leather in tip top condition without any hassel! Leather will see you out many years and outfit changes so it is worth investing in some products to keep your favourite handbag going. 

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To preserve the life of your handbag we suggest rotating it once in a while so it isn't in constant use. Their are a few things to bare in mind when storing your handbag if it's not being used whether it's only for a few days or a prolonged length of time. Never store a damp handbag , it will become mouldy and is just not good for the health of the leather. Make sure your handbag is 100% naturally dry before storing. We suggest gently stuffing your handbag to keeps it's shape whilst not in use. We send all RedMeg items with stuffing paper in them so if you were savvy enough to keep it handy then it's perfect for this or if not just use some clean paper towels or plain/ uncoloured tissue paper. Don't over stuff as this will stretch your bag out of shape. Store your leather item in it's original dustbag. All large RedMeg handbags are sent out with their own dustbag however if you don't have one then a clean white cotton pillow case will work just fine. Store on a flat surface with plenty of breathing space to allow air flow. We recommend when storing your item for a longer time taking it out every few weeks to give it a breather and prevent mould from growing.

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 So basically keep it cool, clean, conditioned and dry!

I hope these tips have been somewhat useful and answered some common questions we get asked with regards to leather goods. This is not an exclusive guide and there are so many different leathers out there it is always worth talking to the manufacturer to ensure the correct care of your favourite handbag! We don't recommend just winging it, using the wrong product can damage your leather for life and can be irreversible. If you own a RedMeg then simply get in touch via email ( to get further advice on your specific product! Equally if you lovely lot have any great tips we have missed do pop them in the comments below, we love finding new ways to keep our favourite belongings in great condition and promote the life of them in the name of slow fashion!

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