Confessions of a small business owner - Featuring Meggies

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Happy Saturday lovely readers. We had such a lovely response to our first 'Confessions of a small business' post so I hope you enjoyed part one of this blogging series and are ready to read part two which features the lovely Meg from gift and lifestyle shop Meggies. I am loving the honesty theme running through everyone's answers!

Meg - Meggies gift and lifestyle shop

Tell us a little about yourself and how your business came about...

 I own Meggie's in Stow-On-The-Wold, a gift, card and lifestyle shop stocking and supporting indie British makers. Meggie's came about pretty quickly after deciding I'd like to try something for myself. I had a tough few years in my old job so left Youth work to work for my parents in their pub in Painswick but swiftly moved into a tiny outbuilding to open my first Meggie's. 18 months later I moved to Stow-on-the-Wold, to a larger premises with more footfall. In the last 16 months in Stow I have introduced my mini Meggie's children's section and offer creative workshops here in the evenings.

Meggies gift and lifestyle shop stow on the wold What would your best piece of advice be to someone setting up their own business for the first time?

 Don't compare your business to others. Especially on social media! There are SO many factors to running a successful business and your version of success will be very different from someone else's anyway so don't torture yourself comparing.

What has been your biggest challenge/s running your own business?

 Finding the balance between doing what I enjoy the most on the shop floor like buying and merchandising for example and having to keep on top of the 'business' side of it all - accounts, paperwork etc. Small business owners don't say it enough but there is SO much to do and often you have to prioritise your least favourite jobs over the things you love doing just to keep everything ticking over.

What has been the best part/s about running your own business?

As cheesy as it sounds the best part of Meggie's has been meeting so many lovely, supportive people both in Stow and on Instagram. I have so many loyal regulars in store , online and who attend my workshops plus all my suppliers who I have made strong relationships with over the years. I feel very lucky running my own business and really appreciate the flexibility and creativity that it brings. 

  A really interesting insight into Meg's blossoming business in the Cotswolds. I  can totally relate to Meg's comment about juggling the bits you love which essentially drives your passion for your business alongside the not so fun bits, I mean if I loved accounts that much I would have become an accountant!! It's a difficult task when all you want to do is the good jobs but it's all about balance which I think takes a little getting used to. Also my favourite comment so far  is 'Don't compare yourself' , it's so easy to do not just in business but personal life too. Every person and their business is unique, find what works for you and roll with that, not something that works for someone else!

Meggie's beautiful shop can be found on the Corner of Church directly opposite the lovely Stow Church. You can also shop lots of her wonderful gifts and cards online at - As many of you will know Meggie's used to be my Stow-on-the-Wold stockist. Right on topic with the challenges of a small business , the challenge of becoming VAT registered for Meggies and the challenge for RedMeg to move away from sale or return to wholesale has proven difficult so we had to call it a day. Running a business throws up many obstacles but overcoming them are so rewarding and usually it is these that help you with the next step of progression and growth. 

I think that pretty much sums up part two! See you tomorrow for the third and final part of this small business series featuring Emily from Coach House coffee , my favourite coffee spot in the Cotswolds! 

Have a great Saturday ,

Meg x

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