Confessions of a small business owner - Featuring Tara Osborne Jewellery

Happy Friday lovely people!

Can you believe it, third week in and I am still blogging! Miracles do happen....

I thought this week I would share some of the things I have learnt running my own small business and I have roped in some really great local business owners that I admire to share their advice too. Running a small business can be seriously challenging but so fulfilling and rewarding all rolled into one. Hopefully this blog will be an interesting read for those of you considering setting up your very own business or if you already are a business owner it might give you a few  'oh me too!' moments. I am a big believer that we should all share our experiences to allow us to learn from others and hopefully offer support to someone else too if possible. I intended this to be one blog but I ended up with so much content I am going to blog each business separately! Today's blog features Tara from Tara Osborne jewellery, Saturday will feature Meg from Meggies and Sunday will feature Emily from Coach house Coffee! I hope you enjoy!


So first up is the lovely Tara - Owner of Tara Osborne jewellery :

Tell us a little about yourself and how your business came about...

I have always had a love for tiny treasures and was aptly named 'silver hands' by my dad from a very young age because I was always creating miniature things. My passion, alongside my love of jewellery, then developed into an idea to start my own business. I had taken part in a weeks course at Central St Martins at 16 so only had basic silversmith knowledge. Then midway through my English language degree I took a year out and applied for internships with jewellery companies I admired. Two responded; Alexis Dove Jewellery and Ros Millar. I then worked for them (for free!) for six months in Lewes with Alexis Dove and then a month for Ros Millar in East London. Even though I wasn't paid actual money, I earnt sooo much in experience and was able to take those skills forward into the jewellery business I have now! I finished my final year at University and with the support of my family and friends the rest is history!

Tara Osborne hand crafted silver jewellery

What would your best piece of advice be to someone setting up their own business for the first time?

Do something you love and you'll never hate Monday's! Life is too short to spend time doing something you don't enjoy, so take the leap of faith. If you never do it, you'll never know what will be. 

What has been your biggest challenge/s running your own business?

I would say time management and motivation for the 'not so fun' stuff. I am a creative at heart and would love to just create day in day out and be paid for it. But unfortunately, strategy, planning, accounting and website work are huge parts to play in running your own business. So these are my biggest challenges but I make sure I put time aside to focus on them as the difference they make to the fun stuff in the end is so worthwhile!

Finally what has been the best part/s about running your own business?

My incredible customers and fellow women in business, the feedback and support from them surprises me every day. I still get that same feeling with each order of 'they want to buy from me?!'. I'm not sure whether that will ever wear off and it's a great feeling! Also being my own boss is fab too, not always as times aren't always great and when things go wrong I can take it personally (which I need to learn not to do!) but in the main it is very empowering ! I hope to do it for many years to come!!

Tara Osborne creative british jewellery designer

Thank you so much Tara for your honest answers! As a fellow small business owner I love hearing about other peoples journey into business and can really relate to a lot of what has been shared! I too take mistakes quite personally because I really care about the products I create. However mistakes will happen no matter what as it really is such a crucial part of the learning and development process within a business. Having said that, it doesn't always make it any easier to accept when things do crop up! I discovered the lovely Tara ( she really is lovely!) in Meggies beautiful shop. We then ended up doing the same Christmas event together last year and I commissioned the most gorgeous bracelet (see below) from Tara so can honestly say that her designs and craftsmanship are just beautifully executed. You can shop her beautiful designs online here 

RedMeg tara osborne collaboration bracelet

I hope that was an interesting read for both fellow and soon to be small business owners! Tomorrow will be the turn of Meg at Meggies gift and lifestyle shop in Stow-on-the-Wold so pop across to the blog to find out what Megs biggest challenges and best parts of running her small business are. 

See you tomorrow for part two and have a great Friday! 

Meg x


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